The Natural Way to Play Tennis

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If you are a Natural Tennis player, please send us a picture of you with the racket and a brief commentary about your personal experience with it (why you are using the racket, advantages you have found out, etc.). We would be happy to upload them onto our website and Facebook page!

Table Tennis Paddles

Dual Handle Tennis Table Paddle
$90-$200 (depending on quality of rubber)

Our custom-made dual handle table tennis paddle takes a super healthy, super fun activity and makes it double the fun and health!  We can add custom rubber and pips. 

Fun fact: In 1929 Fred Perry became World Champion in table tennis before winning eight Grand Slams in tennis (Wikipedia).

For more information contact Trent Aaron at (310) 200-8420 or

Table tennis paddles 2

Table tennis paddle 4

Table tennis paddle 5