The Natural Way to Play Tennis

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If you are a Natural Tennis player, please send us a picture of you with the racket and a brief commentary about your personal experience with it (why you are using the racket, advantages you have found out, etc.). We would be happy to upload them onto our website and Facebook page!


Bionic Gloves

Natural Tennis is proud to carry the patented Bionic Tennis and Racquetball glove for tennis and racquet sports. They are worn by Brian Battistone and Trent Aaron (Dann and Jim) not only for injury and sun protection but because they are proven to strengthen your hands during use! We encourage people to buy in pairs even if they are one handed or handled (half Potentially, the right could be used for tennis and the left for golf! However, two gloves all the time with two handles is the ultimate in healthy racquet sports!

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
$20/per glove - $30/per pair
$5 shipping and handling per pair in the US

Bionic gloves


New Spiritual Tennis T-shirt

Our new promo T-shirt is out now!

Please contact Trent Aaron at in the US or Roberto Franchin at from Europe. 100% cotton, sizes available S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Spiritual Tennis T-shirt

Whole Brain Power by Michael Lavery

Natural Tennis is also now selling the book Whole Brain Power by Michael Lavery because selling people a racquet that lends to playing ambidextrously and giving people a means to become ambidextrous quickly goes handle in hand! Or (double handle in double hand) ; )

$22 per book
$5 per book shipping and handling

Whole Brain Power by Michael Lavery