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Is it legal?

Yes, both our models conform to the official Rules of Tennis as outlined by the International Tennis Federation. Hence, they are approved for all levels of competition. Please see the certificates below.

The Natural / The Freestyle      The Diamond  

How do I use it?

Nearly all of the basic strokes and fundamentals traditionally taught in tennis apply to the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets. In addition, the Freestyle and the Diamond give the player several additional options not available to players using a single-handled racket.

Is the two-handled racket better than a single-handled racket?

We believe the Freestyle and the Diamond are superior to the single-handled racket. Why? Because they give the player all of the same possibilities as any single-handled racket, and then they add more. A better question to ask might be, "What advantage does a single-handled racket have over the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets?"

Is it healthier to play with the two-handled racket?

Absolutely. We believe that many of the injuries common to the average tennis player could be remedied by the use of the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets. Not only does the design allow for improved stroke technique and production, but it also promotes more balanced use of both sides of the body.

Is this a good racket for me if I have had back, elbow, and shoulder problems in the past?

Yes, the Freestyle and the Diamond promote a more balanced approach to the game of tennis. When using both sides of your body more equally, there is going to be less incidence of injury and/or re-injury.

Where can I learn to improve my play with the two-handled racket?

We are currently working on streaming video tutorials on the web site. In addition, learning basic fundamentals and strategies of tennis taught by your local tennis professional will improve your play with the Freestyle and the Diamond.

How big is the head size of the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets?

105 squared inches.

How many different sizes do you have?

Currently available are the:

- 27.5" Freestyle Team (308 grams)
- 27.5" Diamond Team (305 grams)
- 29" Freestyle Lite (303 grams)
- 29" Freestyle Tour (328 grams)

Why are the grips of the two-handled racket set at an angle?

After years of rigorous testing, the Freestyle and the Diamond designs were developed for the following two reasons: (1) To position the hand, elbow, and arm in the optimal power position with reduced risk of stress-related injuries to the joints, and (2) To allow a player to hit the ball at various contact points, maximizing power, disguise, reach, and spin.

What is the string pattern & string tension range?

The stringing pattern is a 16 main x 19 cross, nearly identical to the Babolat Pure Drive. The tension range is 23-27 Kg or 55-65 Lbs. However, we have players that like the feel looser and/or tighter than the recommended. We usually tell new players to string the Freestyle and the Diamond similar to the way they string their current rackets.

What are the advantages of the two-handled racket?

There are many advantages to the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets. See the "Why 2 handles" tab on the top of this page.

Is the two-handled racket used exclusively for training?

Of course not! Dozens (and counting!) junior, open, and professional tournament titles have been won with the racket. It is, however, a very effective training aid for teaching players the proper fundamentals of tennis.

How do you serve with the two-handled racket?

Most players prefer to use the front handle with the Freestyle and the back handle with the Diamond.

How do you hold the racket?

CLICK HERE for a brief tutorial on how to get started with the racket

Who invented the two-handled racket?

Lionel Burt invented the original model of the Natural, Jim Martineau invented the Diamond. For more information on Lionel, please see the article about him in the "In the News" section.

How much does a racket cost?

The retail price of the Freestyle and the Diamond rackets is 220 $.