The Natural Way to Play Tennis

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About Us

Natural Tennis, Inc. owns the rights to, produces and distributes internationally the two-handled Natural Power-Grip racquet invented by Lionel Burt. The racquet is used by professional, recreational and junior players. Dann and Brian Battistone (below) are partners in the company.

The Players

Brian B
Photo by Brian Skelley

Brian Battistone
Career High ATP World Doubles
Ranking #88 (#10 in US)
Las Vegas, NV

"For many years I have dreamed of developing the ultimate innovative techniques and technology in the field of sports, health, and life. The benefits of "the Natural" racquet extend far beyond creating a strategic advantage on the tennis court. It is about working in harmony with the laws of nature, by creating a more balanced approach to the human body and mind. There is no doubt that the athlete of the future will reach new heights by applying these true principles."

Dann B

Dann Battistone

President and CEO of Natural Tennis, Inc.
Career High ATP World Doubles Ranking #177
Roosevelt, Utah

"The Natural Two Handled Tennis Racket allows me to do things I could never do with a conventional racket... It has propelled me to a ATP world ranking of approximately 200 (at the age of 32) in doubles after only 1 year on tour. My previous high world ranking of around 800 was over 8 years ago when I was younger, faster, and stronger...

In addition, it is, without a doubt, the healthiest and safest racket to play with. I would not teach my two children tennis with any other racket in fear that they might develop many of the common ailments associated with sports that have repetitive lopsided movements. The Natural solves this problem by promoting players to be more balanced in using both sides of their bodies."

Robert Mitchell
Photo by Jim La Berge

"Coach Bob" Mitchell
Vice President of Marketing and Sales - Natural Tennis

"In May of 2008 I was first introduced to the "Natural", a racquet technology I had never seen before, nor had ever even imagined. It was at a club where the Battistone brothers were seeded #1 in a pro tournament. They were the buzz with Brian's volleyball-style serve and both he and his brother Dann's two-handled racquets. I was immediately intrigued, being a tennis pro for over 30 years of my life. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that this was a giant step forward in racquet technology. I have been a teaching pro in the USPTA at the P1 level and I am quite certain I could develop any new player to the game much more easily and quickly with this racquet over the traditional one-handled racquet. I'm also quite sure this would be true for any instructor to do with his or her students, or even a player learning on his or her own.

The Battistone family and I nurtured our relationship over the next few months and we felt it would be mutually beneficial if I became the Director of Marketing and Sales. I feel our main focus should be to go through tennis pros who believe our racquet to be superior to the traditional one-handled racquet, and have the pros spread the word. We now have quite affordable titanium frames available for the junior players to get started with, as well as the top-of-the-line graphite frames. We welcome all of you pioneers to be part of the future of tennis."

Trent A

Trent Aaron

Career High ATP World Doubles Ranking #991
ATP Tour Professional
San Diego, CA

"The Power, Torque, and Reach of The Natural has improved my game 30% after two weeks without changing my individual style."

Greg H

Gregory Halmay
Toronto, Canada
Contact to demo if in this area:

"This tennis racquet is truly the only way to go...If you take a moment and watch people play hand ball, basket ball, drummers and swimmers, they are using both sides of their bodies equally it only makes sense to do the same in tennis. I would NEVER go back to a single handled racquet."

Tony D

Tony Davies
Liverpool, England

" first trophy success with the Natural Tennis Racket, the men's single title at Waterloo Tennis Club, in Liverpool."

Suzanna M

Ms. Natural Olympia
Suzanna McGee
Venice Beach, CA

Jim M
Jim M

Jim Martineau

Career High ATP World Doubles Ranking #1688
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Winner 2009 USTA National Men's 45 Hard Court Championships

Reed W

Reed Wright
Las Vegas, NV

"I am still learning all of the dimensions of 'The Natural' but my favorite aspect so far is the extra split second it can give me when I get strecthed out wide, particularly on the return of serve."

Junior Team

Natural Tennis Junior Team
Hermosa Beach, CA

A.J. Ho 2

A. J. Ho

"For me, the Natural has lived up to its name. I can hit with ease from either side of my body, one- or two-handed. It gives me a whole new perspective on tennis!"

David Lehman

David Lehman
Los Angeles, CA

Grace Munoz

Grace Munoz
Brentwood, CA

Brett Friedland

Brett Friedland

Eric Schacht

Eric Schacht

"When I found out my recovery time from reconstructive surgery on my right wrist would keep me from playing traditional right-handed tennis for at least six months, I decided to go lefty and to do it with the Natural. My left-handed game quickly improved, and then, as my right hand became strong enough to "help" I was gradually able to hit two hands on both sides. Now, I am able to serve and mix in occasional right-handed forehand bombs to compliment the consistent multi-faceted lefty and two-handed game. I now have at least 16 different ground strokes at my disposal, and have never been as solid at the net or returning serve. I am able to get balls back into the court that would be impossible to get with a traditional racket. On the six month anniversary of my surgery - the day that I was supposed to start light hitting again righty - I took to the court with the Natural and won singles and mixed doubles titles. I learn something new every day and my ceiling seems a million miles off!"

Alan Chang

Alan Chang
#1 Men's Open Doubles Player in 2010 USTA
Southern California Section

"Before switching to the Natural Tennis Racquet, I had wrist problems in both my right and left wrists, which caused me to switching to a one-handed backhand at one point. After winning the 2010 San Diego Metropolitan Men's Open Singles title over the summer, I decided to give the Natural Tennis Racquet a shot. I haven't turned back since then, the racquet has taken pressure off my wrists and I am able to create angles and various shots that I never had before. My backhand slice has more "sting" behind it and many people say my serve has improved by a huge margin."

Michael Hole

Michael Hole

Career High ATP World Doubles Ranking #1042

"I have trained and played ambidextrously for years, but the Natural racquet has truly released my full potential, both athletically and tactically. As I play completely ambidextrously with 2 forehands, 2 backhands, 2 serves and so on, I have found that it has helped tremendously with early preparation. It is a wonderful medium for instinctual tennis and the possibilities are enormous. In terms of its physical benefits, I have experienced a much lower impact on my body. I believe that new levels of creativity will be reached with the Natural."

Esteban Brea
Esteban Brea

Esteban Brea
10 and Under Runner Up
2011 International Mini Moe Tournament
Club Med, Port St. Lucie, FL
Multiple award winner at other tournaments

"I started playing at the age of four with a regular racket, watching my favorite player, Roger Federer, trying to copycat his moves. I fell in love with his backhand slice at the net, so I started doing the same shot but with my left hand. I was born right-handed and my dad saw that I was using my left backhand so naturally that he went online to find out what to do about it. He came across the two-handled racket, so on November 25, 2009, I started playing with it. Now I'm also able to hit left- and right-handed backhands, forehands, slices, left-handed lobs and all kinds of shots. I don't want to play with a regular racket anymore.

This racket is very comfortable for me. I love to play with my racket and have lots of fun using my two hands, especially when I win."

Steve Berque

Steve Berque

"I am a 76 yr old retired Physician. I have played tennis most of my adult life including 5 times per week since I retired. I love the game and it is what I do and what my family does. I had an acute severe elbow injury which impaired my ability to use my right arm effectively and severely threatened my ability to ever play tennis again despite 3 surgeries. I taught myself to play tennis left handed but was pretty weak. I then found the Natural racket. Within a month I was playing more effectively and more enjoyably. I am still improving at the 6 month timeline. Most importantly I don't have any pain when I play and enough healing has occurred as a result of less strain on my elbow that I can serve right handed again and can hit both a left handed and right handed one handed forehands when stretched out. I now feel that I am playing even better than I did before my injury. I had tried playing two handed on both sides with a regular racket in the past and was effective but with age comes loss of mobility which aggravates the short reach with two hands using a regular racket. The 'Natural" allows full reach on both sides and in fact allows extended reach when one uses occasional 1 handed shots on both sides. Clearly this racket has allowed me to continue enjoying the game and everything it has to offer.

I can see the usefulness of this racket for injuries of the elbow, wrist and possibly shoulder. There is a learning curve but I found the learning process easy and enjoyable.

The accompanying picture is of me serving left handed."

marisol young
marisol young

Marisol Young

"I started playing tennis 5 years ago using a regular one-handled racquet. My wrist hurt so much since I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands about 9 years ago. A friend told me to try the Natural racquet, so I did with the Diamond Racquet. Now, the only way I can play tennis is by using the double-handled racquet. I play both hands forehands and backhands without any pain in my wrist. It enables me to play for hours and hours on the court without suffering. I love it and was so happy to play tennis with a pain-free wrist. Using both hands actually makes me hit harder and makes my body much healthier."

Curtis Au

Curtis Au

"The Natural Powergrip turned my game around 360 degrees. I can hit shots and serves that I could never hit with a one-handled racquet. I can hit with more power, spin, and angle with the Natural Powergrip. I have been playing with the racquet since 2010 and I will never ever go back to a one-handled racquet."

Tyler Baird

Tyler Baird
Played for Saddleback College
in Mission Viejo, California
Current Men's Open Division player in
USTA Southern California Section

"I use the Battistone Freestyle and find that the angle is particularly beneficial to opening up the court. My serve and overhead have definitely gotten better with the racket and I like the ability to take the ball late on really wide shots."

Steven Abelowitz
Steven Abelowitz

Steven Abelowitz
Southern California

"My physicians told me to throw away my racket and give up tennis. I saw the Battistone brothers play with the double-handed/Natural Tennis racket, and after my doctor's approval, I was fortunate to hear about the master and expert coach of the double-handed racket who taught me the basic techniques of the racket. Trent Aaron is a phenomenal tennis coach, extremely patient and technical! He taught me everything I know about the racket and I subsequently went on to win the Men's 5.0 doubles tournament for my first time last year!

Thank you Trent and Natural Tennis."

Maddie Seeds

Maddie Seeds

"This racket has given me strength in my mental game and has given me a passion for the game! With this racket I have developed shots I've never dreamed of hitting on a regular racket! Although I did not use a single-handled racket for long I did notice a huge difference when switching to the Natural racket!"

Hiromi Sasano

Hiromi Sasano

"I was away from the game of tennis for 12 years and somewhere I lost the ability to hit a topspin or even a flat two-handed backhand. After switching to Natural Tennis I regained these shots and love how the counterbalance system makes everything great. I even won a Gold Ball at the National 40's in singles ans a Silver Ball at the National Open Hardcourt event!!!!"

Cooper Anderson 4

Cooper Anderson

16 year old high school hockey, football

and Natural Tennis player

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, U.S.A.

"As a three sport varsity athlete I love the idea of using a racquet that focuses on developing both sides of the body. Having a strong core is beneficial to being the best athlete I can be."

Gabriele Oddi

Gabriele Oddi

Natural Tennis player and Coach

Rome, Italy

"Testing the racket once is enough to feel it represents the future of tennis.

It has to be absolutely considered as a way of general training for many other sports, an essential and innovative orthopedic product."

Damiano Bonaglia

Damiano Bonaglia

Pontevico, Italy

Cesare Guasti

Cesare Guasti

Mirandola, Italy

Kid from Colorado

Little fan from

Colorado, U.S.A.

George Graves

George Graves

Dunlap, Illinois, U.S.A.

Jenny Swift 2

Jenny Swift

Career High WTA World Singles Ranking #1050

Career High WTA World Doubles Ranking #500

New South Wales, Australia 

James Cooper

James Cooper

Penzance, United Kingdom

"I purchased my first Freestyle racquet about 3 months ago and more recently bought the Diamond version which I'm currently playing with. All-in-all the racquets have exceeded my optimistic predictions.

I soon came across Brian Battistone (who reached a ranking of 88 in doubles with the racquet) and it wasn't long after that I contacted Roberto in Italy to purchase one.

Both Keith (my 80 year old trainer) and I noticed that my forehands and serves were at least 20% more powerful and was after the first time I'd used the racquet! Sure, the first few shots hit the bottom of the net but I soon adapted and feel sure that I'll never go back to a one-handled racquet (which I genuinely see as antiquated now)."

Antonio Perazzo

Antonio Perazzo

Lanciano, Italy 

Tennyson Whiting 2

Tennyson Whiting

Career High ATP World Doubles Ranking #576

Mapleton, Utah, U.S.A. 

Emmanuele Marchese

Emmanuele Marchese

San Severino Marche, Italy 

Taylor Suozzo

Taylor Suozzo, Bedford, New Hampshire, U.S.A. 

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Brownsville, TX